The Non-Billionaire’s St. Barth: Rental Villas That Won’t Break The Bank

by Gary Walther – Article Excerpt*

The Hotel Detective had Sibarth book a chef to make dinner the first night and recommends the splurge. Sibarth will stock the villa with whatever you want, but it’s a day’s travel to St. Barth from New York and by the time you reach the villa, finding your way around someone else’s kitchen is not what you want to do. [Chef] Nick van Ee, Indonesian by birth but raised in Holland, stuck glasses of Champagne in our hands, turned out ultra-light shrimp tempura (his secret is coating the shrimp in rice flour and cooking it in Heineken left out for an hour “so it starts to ferment”), and then turned out “the real sate” and grilled mahi-mahi.

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